Gail Tolen

Perfectly wonderful homes and was more surprised by the home

My name is Gail Tolen and i would like to sing the praises of Susie Westbrook who became my realtor on April 6 2017 by default. Originally i was to meet with another realtor but she had a family emergency and Susie stepped in to help out her college. Susie acquired a confused and totally clueless client selling a house in Missouri and purchasing a home in Florida with absolutely no idea about what,when,where and how’ Susie continually put me at ease and made me feel like i was working with my best friend who always has my back and best interest at heart. Over 4 months she showed me home after home in my limited price range and drove thru countless communities looking for for sale signs. There were times i know she scratched her head as to why i passed on perfectly wonderful homes and was more surprised by the home i chose Susie then patiently guided me thru the purchase and closing process. Thru it all she kept me laughing and at ease. Because of Susie i am getting settled in my new home. and have a new friend to boot’ Susie has a real gift of being able to read people and their needs. She is an asset to whoever she works with and for. Thanks Susie!

~Gail Tolen